Pram Cleaning & Detailing

We’ll take care of your significant investment

Has your trusty pram seen better days? Does it look like it’s had six kids through it and not once been wiped since you first brought it home? Have you got a stroller full of biscuit crumbs, covered in sticky residue or looking a bit down in the dumps? Tidy Tots is here to help!

Your pram will look like its old self after we’re done with it. We offer a top to bottom detailed clean on all models of prams and strollers. Our pushchair service is second to none and you’ll wish you’d sent your pram for cleaning years ago when you see what we can do.

We understand you invest a lot of money in your pram. We’ve got kids ourselves and have experienced some of the messiest in pram disasters.  Prams are necessary  equipment for transporting our precious bundles, but like our cars, they need to be cleaned and serviced regularly  to remain in perfect working condition, maintain their value and to keep any nasty germs away.

At Tidy Tots, pram cleaning is our specialty. We’ve spent years working with different makes and models of pushers and strollers keeping them squeaky clean. We’ll clean and sanitise your pram, conduct detailed cleaning of its wheels, bearings and other moving parts and give you our advice or recommendation if we feel it necessary.


Usually, the most obvious signs of dirt are on the fabrics of the pram.  Can you remember what colour your pram was when you first got it or is it hidden under layers of dirt and grime? We clean and sanitise ALL fabrics including the hood and basket to ensure all the nasties like E. Coli and salmonella are banished and your pram is restored to its former glory.


Using our tried and tested methods, we attempt to remove as many surface scratches and unsightly scuff marks from your pram’s frame as we can to ensure it looks like new again (or as close to it as possible).  All buttons, levers and hinges are cleaned, checked and lubricated to keep them looking great and working to their full potential.


Got a wobbly pram? If you go one way does your stroller go the other? We offer an extensive wheel maintenance service, where all wheels are thoroughly cleaned, hair and debris is removed and bearings are lubricated to ensure optimum rotation.  If your pram’s wheels are looking a little off colour we make whites white again and blacks black again.

Example of pram detailing


Blue Pram Before Cleaning


Blue Pram After Cleaning

No-one wants to ride in a filthy chariot. Let Tidy Tots tend to your carriage so your precious cargo travels in style.